The dream and the detail

A multimedia version of Aida, where

the DreAM iS DevelopeD through A continuouS projection.

thanks to a special arrangement, the protagonist is inside the action and his/ her image is wrapped and re-launched in his/her own dream.
A viSuAl project operation, which uses two cameras and historical elements and settings of ancient Egypt manipula- ted LIVE, enriches an already composite show.
e inclusion of videos, as a part of the show, grants the viewer a visual percep- tion of the opera which obtains with

AIDA VISUAL PROJECT one element of involvement more-the study
the DreAM hAS two reA- Ding levelS, An explicit one AnD A MetAphoricAl one, the More coMplex AnD the leSS rAtionAl one.

In this opera the thoughts and the fee- lings of the protagonists Aida, Amneris, adames are driven by dreamlike remini- scences and fatal predictions.

at means to deepen emotions, to make them macroscopic and follow the way of the studying of the texture’s particular and of the color.


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