Timeless Kabbalah


The plot shows without mercy a con- icting love story, and at the same way two populations facing each other in a tension without resolution.

IMAgeS cArveD into the rock AnD A StAge thAt be- coMeS ArenA: the choir is judge,

martyr and oppressor, the individual pla- yers face o in a constant dialectic betwe- en love and hate. e whole is never really nished and never really de nitive as if a mysterious god, the same one that leads Nabucco to madness, asked emotions and feelings which go beyond time.

is monumental opera contains im- portant topics: Nabucco becomes an already known dictator and the Jewish a people long oppressed, in a timeless land where the Kabbalah symbols of an

eternal return are depicted by two pain- ters who, during the show, trace the hi- story through

SyMbolic iMAgeS on giAnt ScrollS.

An interac- tion between arts that develops a new dimension and a unique interpretation. Kabbalah Painting Live Project

The artists Alessandro Spada- ri and Elena Busisi combine Ope- ra and art in Migliara’s work.

the geSture of the pAinter trAceS the eMotionS of the Scene below AnD the DuAli-SM of the people

who are facing each other with two di erent jargons: the symbols of the winners and the losers’ ones: the initial milestones performing vi- sually the plot with the intensity and dra- ma drawn by the music.


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