Don Pasquale

A comical merry-go-round in a hi-tech studio

Opera and design: a combination that stands out for its originality.
We want to create a new scenario casting the audience in a unique experience.
Donizetti’s music, arias and recitativi are both the background and the interacting parts of this operation. Unusual and outdo- or materials such as

AluMinuM AnD plexiglASS Are brought in- SiDe the living rooM, which thuS becoMeS A conteMpo- rAry AnD functionAl SpAce.

A unique LED lighting enhances and mo- dernizes the whole scene. e character of Don Pasquale could identify himself in the owner of a nightclub or in a spoilt and rich lover of luxury. e scene involves four key places on the stage, all circling and changea-

ble. e scenes move in an unexpected circle bringing the important moment in the spot- light and leaving the other elements in the background.

A gigAntic beD StAn- DS AnD turnS on itSelf like A MAD SquAre showing four sides AnD Serving AS A vAluAble ring for ArguMentS,

lewd speeches and admo-nitions.

A bridge with two runs, like a magical Rial- to bridging on nothing, serves to emphasize the concept of the small spying of subterfu- ge where people passing underneath can be seen from above, and vice versa. e design makes a process of identi cation easy, moving feelings, and the opera gives prestige to the action, contributing to the vision of a total work of art.

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