A dispute between Fate and Will

In a recent study on the magic of the Arcani it happened to me to lie on the table dffeerent types of Tarot cards. e major Arcana with all their representa- tions and symbols coming from the past were on the table as if they were protago- nists controlled by a higher power. Rigo- letto binds like no other a predestination given by the

CArDS lAiD out to uncover A plot with A Sto- ry DeterMineD by the chA- rActerS’ will.

e development of the direction highlights the condition of

undetermined fate, and is opposed to the development of the costumes, as well as the directing choices concerning singers’ movements, which will stand out on hori- zontal and vertical levels producing an ef- fect of agitation and anxiety caused by

The inevitAbility of fAte.

In this way the directorial choices inspired by the Tarots’ icons will mix with the historicity of the drama and also with the need to see characters animated by real passions in an almost hostile environment, paradigms of an unveiled unonscious.



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