La Traviata

Through the looking glass


If we recognize in the function of the mirror the existence of a double from us, we also recognize something dreamed and somewhat unexpected.

The MirroreD reAlity hiDeS unexpecteD worlDS.

Violetta’s toast, her death, take place and took place a thousand times before on di erent sta- ges, but Traviata’s dreams are not disclo- sed and remain hidden in the mirrors and in the repetition of the plot, repeated over and over again.

ViolettA VAléry hAS A Different exiStence froM the one reveAleD behinD the Mirror,

a life composed by her own dreams. A divine spell brings Traviata and her thoughts to become visible behind a mirror of reality. No present will ever be adequate to one of a dream, and knowing the dream is challenge, the recovering of a forgotten language, a merciless eternal return.

At this point the dream becomes reality, and perhaps it hides an unexpected end.


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DSCF6724TRAVIATA-Study for a Direction