The colours of passion

The spider weaves its invisible web as a relentless development of the drama. Sensuality combines well with a sweet and light musical architecture, as Bizet’s music is.

the DeStiny of the chA- rActerS iS AlreADy writ- ten,

the seductress becomes prey of her own

SeDuctive ScheMing AnD the SpiDer unfolDS itS threAD in A geSture of pure SiMplicity,

evoked by the optical ber on stage.

Every moment of the opera is characterised by verbal exchanges, emotional dialectic, feelings both open and hid- den, joyful texts and immanent bodies. e themes and meanings of the opera are the reason why colour, and especial- ly red, was taken as the protagonist of the opera itself: Carmen is a bundle of vital elements, constantly emerging, in every page of the score.

Every part of the set is connected to an imaginary world where singers will turn words and events into gestures which will be symbolically connected to the nature of their passions.


Study for A Directions 


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