Don Giovanni

The elegance of seduction

Don Giovanni is considered the per-fect opera, where even the music’s subtexts are symmetrical to the dramatic development and ita consequences.
First of all, the elegance of Don Giovan-ni’s actions and the ease with which he comes out of all situations make him even more myth and inscrutable.
Another aspect is a last day where we can nd all the signs of the end of the game, an end that he doesn’t consider with su cient rationality.

The gAMe of SeDuction AnD the worlD which cAn tAke plAce only in A DreAM:

that is another important topic of the opera. To this, I associated colors with all their values. Each color is a dream, a mood and an environment, perhaps a defeat,

perhaps a victory and a safe feeling that ends with blue, the peacemaker, but which also means absence. Finally there
is the unconscious world where

SignS AnD SyMbolS Aren’t reADA- ble, but they Are A worlD ApArt.

This point is developed in a world made of linear scenic structures, symbolic positions and merciless photo- graphic poses. ese are four themes and developments that show of the wonderful pagan mysticism that the director found in this opera. e myth develops new re- adings and new shapes, it can exacerbate itself or sweeten itself, and the director’s reading covers a space-time which is cha- racterized by a premonition mixed with a daily semiology.


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