La Cenerentola

The score of creativity


This is the First time the opera is rein-terpreted as Theatre-in-musical. Rossini and his score are modernized thanks to the addition of particular mu- sical instruments and new harmonies. La Cenerentola’s opera scheme remains, but it becomes funnier, more contempo rary and creative. ere are lot of twists during the show, modern and fast dialo- gues in prose replace the recitativi and

the rhythM creAte A coMicAl cenerentolA. Set DecorAtionS coMe AnD go AccorDing to the will of the Author writing hiS Story on StAge, Chinese boxes


open and close.
What if Rossini decides to set his Cene-rentola in di erent worlds? What if Cenerentola herself imagines a world made of letters? Or what if di erent situations take place on the stage?
Rossini gives orders to a group of anarchists singers:

The Author-MuSiciAn conStAntly SpeAkS with hiS chArActerS, who Don’t Agree with hiM DiSAS SeMble the Scene, AnD then reMount it obeying to hiS will before rebelling AgAin.


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CENERENTOLA- study for a direction