Evil. Representing a demonic spirit

Evil iS perceiveD in the Story, in the words of the protago- nists,

in the hatred of the two unsuspecting brothers, in the approaching the tragedy which touches them. e drama, the story of the past events develops a feeling of my- stery and the latency of an accident that is going to happen or that might remain un- resolved. e journey into love becomes a metaphor for the journey through the ina- bility to achieve it and the horror of war

is nothing but the right contrast and the evolution of this impossibility desired by superior Evil. e sense of frustration felt by Leonora, Manrico and the Count di Luna is interrupted by lyrical explosions and moments of great musicality. Sweet- ness opposed to horror, immovability op- posed to sudden shi s, vows of love and returning prophecies are in Trovatore the elements that wrap the whole story in an invisible veil.


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