L’elisir damore

Fairy tales at the opera


The rurality of the story becomes an ideal image without boundaries.

the Size of the book which pAgeS we browSe through becoMeS bAckgrounD AnD iDeAl worlD of the fAirytAle.

Thus Dulcamara is a Mangiafuoco accompanied by the Cat and the Fox, unsuspecting promoter moving the invisible strings of secretly independent puppets. Adina is a Snow White shi ing betwe- en true naiveté and wise use of her seductive powers.

Belcore is a Tin Soldier whose prosopo- peia makes him lose a battle but may- be win a war, and Nemorino is a Tom umb, who sows and is lost in the events of the story, as a novel Candide who however triumphs in his happy ending. e director wanted to consider Elisir D’Amore from the point of view of the fairytales’ literary: he considered the browsing of the events as the browsing of the pages of a book full of images, so colorful as to be made indelible in memory.


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