There was a time where sheperds were considered beside God. So God deside to comunicate his will by them. Our story start from human and arrive to humans. From the ancient books of Bible, the Greek Mith and all the other books we start to recognise the Sheperd as a real guide and more, following a sheperd in transumance or in a normal life we understand our land , the effort that men does forgiving us the milk and the cheese in all the form and taste we desire. We feel the smell of the grass and like frightened sheeps we discover a new sensibilisation towards our land. We listen to the story of fights against the nature opposite to them and when the fights for human rights were so important to risk life. We will found our self around a fire to share simple food by our land and like gipsies we enjoy the real of the nature around us and the comprehension that “simple is better”

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